Alloying Tablets
We are expertise in producing alloying additive for non-ferrous metal alloys. Our alloying additive mainly includes Iron Tablet Fe 80 %, which are used for adding Iron into aluminum alloy.

ALTAB   80% Fe – Al.
Applications: Used in the manufacture of high quality aluminium alloys applications such as rolling ingot for foil stock and can stock, in Billet for precision extrusions and high quality foundry casting Alloys, providing the following benefits.
  • Concentrated forum means reduced inventory, transport and storage costs
  • High element recovery ( typically over 95% )
  • Rapid dissolution at normal casthouse operating temperatures. (Within 30 minutes.)
  • Accurate and clean addition

A controlled mixture of alloying element (Iron - 80 % min) in powder Form and aluminum powder with typical fluxes.

A range of tablet weights are available, Generally 1.25 Kg /piece.

Packaging (Standard) :
Tablets are typically shrink-wrapped into packs. Packs are Re packed in cardboard boxes & prepared for dispatch.

* Packaging also available as per customers request.