Applications – Others

Atomised & Sponge Iron Powders are commonly used in welding electrodes & flux cored wires for enhanced weld metal recovery.

Purity of Iron Powder is critical to the critical application of welding.

SLM powders are designed to maintain low levels of Carbon & Sulphur percentages for achieving superior welding properties.

We offer full range of Iron Powder grades including:

  1. SLM 40.29
  2. SLM 100.25
  3. SLM 40.37LC
  4. SLM 40.37MC &
  5. AIP 40.29


For Aluminum Industry, we produce Iron alloying tablets and Iron Powder.

Iron alloying Tablets – Fe80 balance flux/aluminum

Iron Powder – AIP 40.29Al


Stainless Steel
Free flowing pure Iron Powder is used to cut stainless steel slabs & blooms using oxy-acetylene flame. This creates an exothermic reaction and helps cut through the stainless steel in a clean manner.

We offer SLM 100.29 for this application.


Sintered brake pads require lots of metal powders, metallic fibers & binding agents.

We offer following grades for friction applications:

  1. SLM 100.24
  2. SLM 12 – Hydrogen Reduced Iron Powder


Diamond Tools
For Diamond Tools application, we produce AIP 300.25.

This is a fine grade of Atomised Iron Powder with majority of sieve cut below 300 mesh. Purity and hardness are critical to application of Diamond Tools.


For chemical application we offer high purity Iron Powder grades.

We offer products as below:

  1. SLM 100.22 – For use in production of Oxygen Absorbers
  2. BW 93 – For use in production of Body Warmers


Other application includes Food fortification, Ground water remediation, Toner inks, Magnetic recording tapes & Etc.

We are working on new technologies and new applications to service customer needs effectively.