Aluminium Alloying

Iron Powder and Iron Tablets are used to add Iron in molten aluminium.

Iron adds strength to aluminium which is required in foil rolling applications.

The high purity of Iron Powder is essential for good dissolution in aluminium.

Iron Tablets are made using Iron Powder, binder fluxes and aluminium powder.

iron powder in aluminum alloying

Aluminium Alloying using SLM Iron Powder for best results


Aluminum alloying using iron powder is a process of adding iron to molten aluminum to improve its mechanical properties. Iron is a relatively inexpensive alloying element, and it can be added to aluminum in powder form, which makes it a convenient and versatile way to alloy aluminum.

The addition of iron to aluminum increases its strength and hardness. It also improves its wear resistance and machinability. However, iron also reduces the ductility and toughness of aluminum. Therefore, the amount of iron added to aluminum must be carefully controlled to achieve the desired balance of properties.

To alloy aluminum with iron powder, the powder is added to the molten aluminum in a controlled manner. The powder is typically preheated to prevent it from solidifying and forming clumps in the molten aluminum. Once the powder is added, it is stirred into the molten aluminum until it is completely dissolved.

The amount of iron powder added to aluminum depends on the desired properties of the alloy. For example, a typical aluminum alloy for foil rolling contains about 1% iron. An aluminum alloy for high-strength applications, such as aircraft components, may contain up to 5% iron.

Here are some of the technical aspects of aluminum alloying using iron powder:

  • Particle size: The particle size of the iron powder is important for ensuring good dissolution in the molten aluminum. Smaller particles dissolve more quickly and completely.
  • Purity: The purity of the iron powder is also important. High-purity iron powder will produce a more homogeneous alloy with fewer impurities.
  • Addition method: The method of adding the iron powder to the molten aluminum can also affect the properties of the alloy. For example, adding the powder too quickly can lead to the formation of clumps.
  • Stirring: After the iron powder is added, the molten aluminum must be stirred thoroughly to ensure complete dissolution.
  • Heat treatment: The alloy may be heat treated after casting to improve its properties. For example, a solution treatment and aging process can be used to increase the strength and hardness of the alloy.

Aluminum alloys containing iron powder are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Foil rolling
  • Automotive parts
  • Aircraft components
  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Consumer products

Aluminum alloying using iron powder is a versatile and efficient way to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum. By carefully controlling the amount of iron added and the alloying process, it is possible to produce aluminum alloys with a wide range of properties to meet the needs of specific applications.

Different Grade Specifications for Aluminium Alloying

AIP 40.29AL

Atomised Iron Powder used for adding iron into molten aluminium for foil applications.

AD - 3.00 gm/cc

Fe – 99% min

40 mesh powder

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