Atomised Iron Powder

Atomised Iron Powder (AIP) is produced by water atomization process of high purity molten iron. Iron Powder produced by this method in a controlled atmosphere is designed to achieve superior properties required by complex powder metallurgy applications.



AIP 100.29 – High sintered density, Dimensional stability & Superior strength.

AIP 80.29 – Medium sintered density, Dimensional stability

AIP 100.26 – Medium sintered density, Low apparent density, Superior green strength



AIP 40.29 – High purity coarse atomized Iron Powder



AIP 100.29C – Free flowing atomized Iron powder


Cored Wires

AIP 20.29C – High density coarse iron powder

AIP 40.29C – High density coarse iron powder


Oxygen Absorbers

AIP 100.29OA – High purity fine atomised iron powder