Sponge Iron Powder

Sponge Iron Powder (SIP) is mainly used in self-lubricating bearings. The particle shape of SIP has a very porous structure and thus they exhibit a very low apparent density. This helps in self-lubricating properties of bearings and improves oil retention in sintered bushes.

High purity SIP has very low content of impurities, this helps in superior welding properties when used in welding flux.

As per application requirement, several grades have been designed to provide optimal performance:


SIP 100.24100 mesh2.4 gm/ccLow density sponge powder
SIP 100.26100 mesh2.6 gm/ccMedium density sponge powder
SIP 100.29100 mesh2.9 gm/ccHigh density sponge powder
F-100100 mesh2.4 gm/cc


SIP 40.2940 mesh2.9 gm/cc
SIP 40.37 LC40 mesh3.7 gm/ccLow Carbon
SIP 40.37 MC40 mesh3.7 gm/ccMedium Carbon
SIP 100.25100 mesh2.5 gm/cc

Cored Wires

SIP 20.29C20 mesh2.9 gm/ccHigh density powder
SIP 40.29C40 mesh2.9 gm/cc

Body Warmers

BW 9380 mesh2.4 gm/ccLow density powder


SIP 100.24100 mesh2.4 gm/ccHigh Surface Area


SIP 100.29100 mesh2.9 gm/ccSuperior Flow

Oxygen Absorbers

SIP 100.22100 mesh2.2 gm/ccHigh Surface Area